Roots for your development

Welcome on board

Markote is an independent company based in North Paris (France). Our positioning is based on the principle that bringing consultancy services is not sufficient. The strong believes in bringing Marketing, Communications and Business Strategy is not enough to develop the business and the performance of our partners. We further commit by implementing personnally the road maps on a case-by-case situation.

We have strong expertise in understanding your business from a broad worldwide perspective in various sectors such as coatings, materials and speciality chemicals, for different industries, such as Oil and Gas, Water services, etc.

We support our clients by combining a strong technical background with global vision and thinking to recommend the most appropriate communication, marketing and sales objectives and tactics.



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Strong commitment

To transform the relationship with clients to one of close cooperation. Partnership is as strong as the willingness of both parties to share respect, give confidence to promote trust. Professional attitude and team-spirit will further reinforce the relationship.

New frontiers

You have a good understanding of your currently-served markets and customers – Markote seeks to take your business further by developing a vision and implementing a strategy to explore and penetrate new markets in terms of territories and applications.

Bringing solutions

At Markote, we first make sure to assess how your markets and customers behave: a key step and mindset to advise and deliver to you the best fine-tuned solutions in line with your portfolio of products and services in your specific company context.


Our business-contractor thinking drives the way towards assessing and proposing solutions to make them deliverable and measurable. It is also combined with an optimised organisation to have costs focused and relevant.