Our offer

Markote helps you to implement your business development strategy. The company is structured in such a way as to potentially act as a sales representative and offer consulting support as if it were your European office. This is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to have a full-service office.

Based on your objectives and the market structure, the most appropriate flexible contractual commitment is adopted. Additional services in terms of logistics, import and distribution are feasible thanks to an extensive local network.


Working with different non-competing partners, active in a similar environment with common client targets creates de facto synergies. The combined offer gives more opportunities to interact with the clients and all actors in the value chain. It also offers better visibility for the partners of their respective served markets.


Knowledgeable and experienced people provide an optimised solution when launching products and services in new territories and markets. Markote is adapted to your challenging needs and ambitious objectives. We are structured to provide this value while optimally balancing costs and achievements.